Light Up aircraft manufacturing workshop with 240W Elegant LED High Bay Light

Light Up Aircraft manufacturing workshop with 240W Elegant LED High Bay Light

Project Summary

The project was completed in May 2018 in Dubai, involved us working in partnership with a client who is an engineering consultant. He approached us with this project of providing LED high bay lights for an Aircraft manufacturing workshop & warehouse. The main objective of the project was to save energy furthest. During the tender processing, we designed the lighting solution, finally, the 240W Elegant series LED high bay light was chosen for this project by the end-user.

Questions & Challenges

With the lights needing work nine hours each day, while simultaneously using less lighting to urge the simplest effect of energy saving, we recommended the simplest LED high bay light our Elegant series. For an airport warehouse & workshop, it must be bright enough to permit the workforce to figure safely and comfortably, and also the lighting fixtures must feature to illuminate every area of the warehouse within the best way. When considering the client’s requests and concerns, we had the subsequent suggestions:

  • First, we discussed the project requirements further with the client and suggested we modify the angle of the lens beam. By changing the angle, we will ensure a wider range of illumination.
  • We also suggested adding more LED sources for the lighting solutions. By adding additional lighting sources, we will increase the range of the illumination, ensuring every area which must be lit receives the right level of illuminance.
  • Adjust the output of every current LED source. Our solution was to supply 240W LED high bay lights, in contrast, to lower LED levels.

Upon learning of our professional suggestions, the client agreed with our recommendations of adjusting the LED beam angle to make sure the world is fully illuminated. The client also agreed that it might be the simplest course of action to extend the amount of LED light sources, alongside increasing the output of the present LED light sources to 240W LED high bay lights. the 240W Elegant series LED high bay light was choosen for this project

Achievements for the project with 240W Elegant high bay lights

• We provided the foremost efficient light solutions for the client’s demand.

• Energy-saving reaches 67500kwh per month compared to their old airport lighting system.

By working closely with our clients and providing one-stop solutions, we YIBAI LED LIGHTING was ready to deliver a gorgeous, well-lit working environment for the new airport. For any questions or needs on LED high bay lighting, please feel free to contact us YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high quality LED lights with a professional engineer team will reply to you within 24 hours.


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