How much do tennis court lights cost? A comprehensive guide of professional tennis court lighting design

A comprehensive guide of professional tennis court lighting design

Tennis court lighting is the light that is used to provide good illumination levels and distribute the light across the tennis court. The tennis court has lamp-side lateral lighting on both sides of the court. In addition, in the long axis direction, two to three light poles are installed on both sides. YIBAI LED Lighting provides LED tennis court lights for sale that are specially designed to provide superior performance and meet clients’ needs and requirements. Our company offers a variety of lighting solutions in different styles and designs which are backed by industry-leading technology and years of experience.

There are various components of a tennis court lighting system:

  • Lighting fixtures: These are LED fixtures or high pressure sodium lamps above the field to provide sufficient lighting for players.
  • Control equipment: Control equipment includes power supply devices, control devices, and circuit breakers to ensure reliable operation of outdoor/underground parking lot, architecture and tennis court lighting systems.
  • Tennis court light pole: Poles are used to support fixtures and ensure that they can be placed at an appropriate height for better distribution of light with no blind spots. The poles should be able to support the weight of the lighting fixtures and withstand bad weather conditions such as strong wind.
  • Cables: Cables connect all components of a sports field lighting system. The cables should be able to withstand bad weather conditions such as rain and snowfall.

There are several factors which you must consider before installing lights on the tennis court:

  • Player safety
  • Safety of spectators
  • The visibility of the ball during gameplay
  • Player performance and comfort level

The following factors need to be considered while designing outdoor lighting:

  • The width of the court. The width of the court affects the installation distance between poles. The wider the court, the greater the distance between poles.
  • The length of the court. The length of the court affects the number of poles installed on both sides. The longer the court, the more poles are installed on both sides.
  • The height of the pole is determined by two factors: one is that the height of the pole should be as high as possible, and light will be supplied to all parts of the tennis courts; the second is that pole height should not be too high because it will affect spectators’ view. Generally speaking, outdoor tennis courts are 20 meters wide, 48 meters in length, and 10 meters in height.

Tennis Court Lighting Standards.

When it comes to tennis court lighting, the quality of your system can make all the difference. Not only will a high-quality lighting system provide better visibility for players, but it can also create a more appealing atmosphere for spectators, which is important if you want to attract more people to your venue.

But with so many different options available and a wide range of prices, it’s not always easy to decide on the right lighting system. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, which will take you through the main factors in your decision-making process and help you choose the best tennis court lights for you. Our recommendations for tennis court lighting are just based on the International Tennis Federation (ITF) guidelines and ANSI/IES standards.

The brightness or illumination level is one of the most important factors in tennis court lighting standards. Based on its research and testing, the ITF has determined that the following light levels are required for competition floodlighting:

  • Center Court: 1000 lux
  • Side courts: 750 lux
  • Outdoor practice areas: 200 lux
  • Indoor practice areas: 300 lux

Size of a tennis court, and layout plan for tennis court lighting 

The standard size of the tennis court is regulated by International Tennis Federation (ITF). Normally the court is 78 feet long and 27 feet wide for single matches,  and 36 feet for double matches. When it comes to tennis court LED retrofit installation, it is recommended the height of the poles should be no less than 8m. And for the official competitions, the height of the poles must be at least 12m.

Tennis Court Lighting Requirements

If you have a tennis court on your property or nearby, you must have noticed that there are lights installed above. The lighting of the tennis court is dependent on the nature of the court. the competitions are based on levels: Class I, Class II, and Class III.

  1. Class I- National and International. For such competitions, at least 450 lux is required as the match is played at a high level.
  2. Class II- Club Competition and Commercial. The illumination should be around 350 lux.
  3. Class III- Residential and Recreational. It requires a low level of play, so 250 lux could be more than enough.

Tennis Court lighting design

Before we get into the details of how you should choose your tennis court lights, we want to take a step back and look at what makes up a good tennis court lighting system.

The first thing to consider about LED floodlights is their brightness.

The brightness of any light is measured in lumens. When buying a LED tennis court light, it is recommended to buy one with a higher lumen count. The reason behind this recommendation is that tennis courts need more lumens, so it is better to have more than less. For this purpose, you can use floodlights ranging from 1000 to 10000 lumens.

Another requirement for the tennis court lighting is its efficiency.

Since the light will be turned on for most of the day, it costs a lot on the energy bills. This is where LED lights come in handy; they are known for their energy efficiency. For determining the efficiency of the light, luminous efficacy is used. The unit used to measure the efficacy is lm/W, where lm stands for lumen. Keep in mind, that the high the lumen, the higher is the brightness.

The other one of the most important requirements you should pay attention to is the life span of the LED tennis court lights.

Since the courts are open for over 12hrs per day, the tennis court light fixtures must have a long service life. If the light has a short life span, it will lead to frequently replacing the lights. This not only increases the cost of maintenance and replacement but increases operation costs as well. The average cost of a tennis court including the lighting system will be very high.

Generally speaking, LED tennis court lights have a long service life as they can last for up to 100,000 hours. However, the halogen light will only last for 2000 hours while metal halide lamps can last up to 10,000 hours. Hence, LED lights provide the best performance!

LED Floodlights For Tennis Courts

Once you have decided on the type of lighting that you need, it is time to decide whether you would go for LED tennis court lights for sale or HID lights. There are many problems associated with HID lights and LED lights to provide a better solution to these problems. Here are some benefits of using LED floodlights for the tennis court:

High Energy efficiency: LED floodlights consume less power compared to their counterparts. They provide more lumens per watt as compared to other lighting solutions. This means that they require less power but provide better illumination results. Also, they are able to convert more than 90% of the energy into light and only 10% into heat. This helps in saving a lot of money on your energy bills.

Better visibility: LED floodlights are known for providing a brighter light which makes it easier for players to see clearly. They are a cost-efficient way to illuminate the whole court. The professional tennis players are satisfied with the LED floodlights. They are amazed at how well and evenly the lights illuminate the court. In this way, they can easily see the ball and their opponents.

Uniform light distribution: A good lighting system should have an even spread of light across the court. This is necessary to prevent any shadows on the ground and to help the players and viewers see clearly. Again, LED lights are a good choice as they produce uniform lighting.

Wide range of Color temperature: The color temperature of the light affects the visibility of colors on the court. The standard value of color temperature is around 5000K-6000K, which produces a white light that imitates natural daylight properly. This type of white light helps people see more clearly and precisely in an outdoor environment such as outdoor tennis courts.

High Lumen output: The LED floodlights for tennis courts should have enough lumen output to keep up with the demand for brightness level and energy efficiency at the same time. A great tennis court lighting requires sufficient lumens per watt (lm/W) to effectively illuminate a large space like tennis courts that require high levels of lighting for its activities during late hours.

Low maintenance cost: High-quality LED floodlights to have a long service life of up to 100,000 hours, which means they will require minimal maintenance. On the other hand, other traditional light sources require frequent replacements, which increases operational costs and maintenance costs.

Weatherproof: Outdoor lighting systems such as those used in stadiums must be weatherproof to prevent damage caused by natural phenomena such as floods and storms. Hence, look for a waterproof rating of IP65 or higher since it will protect against moisture ingress and dust buildup on the system.

Anti-glare Feature: Anti-glare is one of the most important features of the LED tennis court floodlights. Glare is the strong light that causes irritation or discomfort. YIBAI LED tennis lights have an anti-glare lens that reduces the dazzling effect and makes it high visual comfortable.

Cost of Installing LED Lights in a Tennis Court

For example, we use a 35,000W LED lighting system for illuminating a double tennis court. In a day, LED lights keep working for 8 hours a day, and the energy cost rate is $0.12. Under such conditions, the running cost of the tennis court field lighting system is 35000 x 0.12/ 1000 = $4.2 per day. For a month, it will cost $126. But if we use HID lamps, the power consumption will be double that of LED lights, and finally, the energy bill will be $252. Moreover, the tennis court lights cost depends on the size of the club. Based on our experience, the rough cost of lighting a single tennis court is around $1000 to $3500 for recreational purposes. For commercial purposes, the cost will be nearly $5000 to $8000.

NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight

SLA Series LED Sports Field light
SLA Series LED Sports Field light
SKYWING IV Sport & High Mast Light


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