Professional YIBAI flood lights make your bowling alley lighting more attractive

Professional YIBAI flood lights make your bowling alley more attractive

If the bowling alley lighting system is more attractive to your customers, they will certainly love your bowling alley! In the past decades, almost all bowling gyms used fluorescent lights for the lanes. But nowadays, increasingly more bowling gyms choose to change these conventional lights with LED lighting fixtures, as LED lighting technology is almost 70% energy saving compared to these older lamps, and even more durable. So let’s check how to decorate the bowling lane and bring more consumers via our LED bowling alley lights!

Unique bowling alley lighting design

1. Use RGB lights for bowling lanes

Trying to add some remarkable bend lights? A small “trick” is using an RGB wall lamp, which can provide more than a 16million colors! Lights are installed on the ceiling, but controlled by software via the DMX 512 system. With just a few clicks or touches via the software, you can create an amazing atmosphere. Another automatic mode in the DMX512 control system randomly changing the color is also available. Also, you can choose from more than 50 built-in modes to select the best lighting design for the venue. Welcome to contact us for free lighting design.

2. General Lighting

Along with enhancing the illumination on the lanes, we also need to create a proper lux level for the customers to play the game; otherwise, they will not be able to easily find bowling lanes, which will certainly affect the customer experience. With our patent design LED floodlights, you won’t need to install extra lamps with white light for general lighting, as our RGB lights can additionally create white light! And with the smart control system, it’s very easy to create visual comfort for customers! Come to our lighting designers today, certainly, we’ll offer you perfect free solutions!

What are the benefits of LED Bowling Alley Light?

1. Better anti-glare performance in the lanes

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of glare, direct glare, and secondary glare. Direct glare happens when you take a look at a lamp, while secondary glare is caused by reflective surface areas such as the floor. The glare of the lights greatly affected the user experience, as the spotlights on the floor always make people feel dazy. To avoid the glaring light, we build the anti-glare system in our products. With our patent design optic lens, both the UGR value and glare index are well controlled.

2. Various color changes

The LED bowling alley lights aim to create a relaxed ambiance for players. With the mixed RGB LED chips(Red, Green, Blue), we can provide more than a 16million color changes, and with the smart DMX512 control system you can always find a perfect colors combination.

3. More Energy-saving & environment friendly

Changing to LED lights always means more energy saving. Thus minimizing your electrical energy bills. For example, the lighting performance of a 100W LED light could be equal to a 400W MH, or a 1500W incandescent light bulb, so we can save 80 to 90% of the power consumption. Along with the money-saving, we can additionally decrease carbon dioxide discharges and hazardous chemical treatment, because LED does not consist of mercury.


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