Case Studies of YIBAI LED LIGHTING. Please feel free to email us to find more project cases our partners completed all over the world.

A classic flood lighting design Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center
Lighting system for residential areas how to properly design
YIBAI LED LIGHTING's Halo series canopy light with 150lm/W efficacy serves in gas station lighting applications
How to choose a right LED shoebox light for your parking lot

How to choose right LED shoebox lights for your parking lot

YIBAI LED LIGHTING has released a series of LED parking…
How waterproof lighting is making the Tijuana parking garage safer
LED high mast lighting system 170lm/W improves safety for Venezuela airport
High efficiency LED low bay light achieves 70% lower energy costs
Brighter, better, higher efficient LED high bay light 150W Elegant in Saudi Arabia
Light Up Aircraft manufacturing workshop with 240W Elegant LED High Bay Light
YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects