A new LED Energy Saving street lighting solution for Kuala Lumpur City Malaysia

conventional luminaires retrofit to LED lighting technology

For the purpose of green gas house emissions reduction, and the upgrade of the current street lighting system, the Kuala Lumpur city government decided to retrofit all the conventional luminaires on the highway and main roads to LED. YIBAI LED LIGHTING, as a leading enterprise in LED street lighting, won this bid and accomplished the 17km long LED lighting project.

The most important goal of this project was to improve the level and quality of public lighting for better security and comfort.

By introducing LED technology, we desired to provide the customer with a better quality lighting color, as well as energy savings and a reduction in maintenance costs. The challenge was to satisfy the energy and lighting requirements of the municipal authority, whilst ensuring the new lighting matched the architectural design of the city. The Melo series LED street light is just a perfect model combined the innovative LED lighting technology and classic architectural fixture design.

conventional luminaires retrofit to LED lighting technology

Based on an accurate DIAlux simulation, we recommended the municipality to use 120W Melo LED street lamps installed on double sides at the opposite arrangements. Refer to Lighting Standard of CIE115: Lighting Level M1, and in order to meet the photometry requirements, we set 12m mounting height and 30~40m pole distance. The photometry on-site test is below.

  • The average luminance is over 2cd/㎡
  • Overall uniformity is up to 0.7
  • Longitudinal uniformity is over 0.8.
  • The average illuminance is over 30lux
  • Overall uniformity is over 0.7

Conventional luminaires retrofit to LED lighting technology

Enhanced with the LED lighting technology innovation, the municipality saved roughly 55MWh/year representing a value of 14KUSD/year and delivering better quality lighting, as well as improving the security and comfort to its residents. Maintenance and replacement are not considered in the calculation. The new lighting also strengthens the municipality’s image as a “Green” and “Eco-efficient” public authority.

Thanks to our expertise and understanding of energy-efficient light, YIBAI was able to select the right technical solution with a good return on investment to meet its customer’s needs and deliver within the budget and deadlines set. We also performed a review to ensure the installation was to the customer’s satisfaction. For any questions or needs on LED street lighting, please feel free to contact us via [email protected], YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high quality LED lights with a professional engineer team will reply to you within 24 hours.


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