A classic flood lighting design Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center

A classic flood lighting design Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center (8)

Generally speaking, there are two big differences between sports centers and ordinary gymnasiums, which are size and functionality. It is understood that the Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center is a major project of the municipal government, and it is also a high-quality project of Suzhou social public utilities. Therefore, the sports center not only has complete sports venues and facilities but also has all kinds of support services. Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center has a 33000 seats comprehensive stadium and a 6000 seats gymnasium. Of course, in addition to sports events, Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center also serves as a venue for many large-scale commercials, literary and artistic activities, such as star concerts, auto shows, and art exhibitions. For the flood lighting design of the entire sports center, the stadium floodlighting project is one of the two bidding sections of the sports center floodlighting.

The overall flood lighting design ideas

The purpose of architectural floodlighting is to make the building show its unique style incisively and vividly after nightfall through the change of light intensity and color combination, so as to beautify and brighten the city. The Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center has distinct architectural features. The arc-shaped petals form an oval stadium, the rectangular stadium has a curved roof, and two overpasses connect the two buildings. The reasonable application of modern building materials such as glass curtain walls and composite aluminum plates makes the whole building quite modern. Since this project is a sports park and is a large-scale boutique project, the overall atmosphere should be taken into consideration during the design and construction of floodlighting, and the following points should be specifically considered:

  1. The feeling of people watching the sports park from a distance;
  2. The feeling of watching the sports park at close range;
  3. Use a white light source to match the color of the building material (white hyperboloid composite aluminum plate);
  4. Adopt a concealed method so that the audience cannot directly see the light source to avoid glare;
  5. Pay attention to the distance between the lamp and the reflector to avoid overheating.

Illumination level

The lighting design of Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center adopts the floodlighting design software DIALUX EVO to calculate the illumination, and the average illuminance of the facade is 200-250lx. Corresponding mathematical model:

1. Calculation of parameters such as beam width: see page P309 of “Lighting Engineering Design Manual” for details;

2. Calculation of lamp power: The calculation formula of luminous intensity is as follows: I=ED2 or I=EH2/Sin2αcos2α, in the formula:

I: The luminous intensity required by the building facade (cd)

E: The vertical illuminance on the facade (Lx)

H: The projection height of the floodlight (m)

D: The distance of the floodlight from the building (m)

α: The number of lamps required for the angle between the projection direction of the light source and the ground:

N=I/I0 The luminous intensity.  I0 of various floodlights can be found in the sample.

Color temperature value of lamps

The sports center lighting design uses LED lamps with a color temperature value of 4000-4200K. The white light in the middle tone can not only accurately reflect the texture of the building, but also highlight the elegant temperament of the whole building. At the same time, avoiding using high color temperatures and cold light makes people feel gloomy, giving people a comfortable feeling, which fully reflects people-oriented thinking.

Lamp selection

The selection of lamps is based on lighting requirements and architectural features. Two types of lamps are used: 250W LED stadium lights with a medium beam and 200W LED arena lights with a wide beam. Its main features are as follows:

  • The protection level of the lamp is IP65;
  • The high-pressure cast aluminum shell, with acrylic coating inside and outside, has strong corrosion resistance;
  • The patented technology of glass-coated aluminum reflector improves the corrosion resistance of the reflector while improving the efficiency of lamps;
  • Activated carbon respirator, improve the corrosion resistance of lamps and reduce maintenance workload;
  • Narrow, medium and wide beam angles are suitable for different applications;
  • 200W CE, CB, UL standard LED arena lights, the luminous flux reaches 36000Lm, life span up to 100000 hours.

Lighting layout requirements

The stadium lighting design highlights the petal shape of the composite aluminum plate. The lamps are installed on the side of the column, and the brightness of the petals is contrasted from bottom to top, highlighting the sense of three-dimensionality and shape. The ceiling at the top is also a symbol of the stadium. On the premise of not affecting the game, the ceiling is illuminated upward by lamps installed near the guardrail, which not only illuminate the steel mesh frame but also illuminate the ceiling evenly, echoing the petals. Lamp location list:

  • Petal part: Install a set of 200W medium beam LED stadium light fixtures and a set of 200W wide beam LED arena lights beside each column, each petal has 2 sets of lighting fixtures. The medium beam light mainly illuminates the upper part, and the wide beam mainly illuminates the middle and lower parts, with a uniform gradient from the bottom to the top, with an average illuminance of 212lx.
  • Ceiling: Install a set of 200W wide-beam LED stadium light fixtures on the side of the guardrail at an elevation of 22m and 1m away from the column. There are two sets of lamps between the two columns. The lamps illuminate the ceiling to the outside, with an average illuminance of 201lx.

Power supply and distribution

The floodlighting power supply of Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center has reserved circuits for floodlighting in the two low-voltage power distribution rooms in the field. And performs secondary power distribution in the distribution rooms on the second floor of the first and third districts respectively. Each lighting distribution box adopts a radiating power distribution method. Considering the power supply radius and voltage loss, each lighting distribution box is set up in 6 power distribution booths on the second floor.

The power supply voltage is ~220/ 380V, and the system grounding protection type is a TN-S system. Since the gas discharge lamp is a non-linear load, and the lines contain high-order harmonics dominated by the 3rd harmonic, the cross-section of the neutral line of all lines is selected according to the maximum one-phase current.

The indoor part of each lighting branch line adopts a VV-3×4 copper core cable to pass through the steel pipe for dark laying or open laying along with the steel grid frame. Outdoor lighting branch lines are directly buried with VV22-3×4 armored cables. This design adopts the single lamp compensation method, and the power factor reaches 0.8 or more.

Automatic lighting control system

In addition to manual control, the automatic control mode of the light is designed based on the following points:

  • The control mode is safe and reliable. Each distribution box outlet circuit is equipped with a non-contact switch, and the non-contact switch is selected from the United States with high reliability and reliability. Silicon controlled, long service life, basically in a maintenance-free state after debugging.
  • The digital control mode adopts the bus system to carry out multi-mode control of the system. A central processing unit can be used to complete the operation of various lighting modes of the stadium, and the reserved communication interface is compatible with the BA system of the sports center.
  • Diversified control modes. Stadiums, pavilions, and connecting overpasses can be controlled in multiple modes, and even each loop can be operated independently on the touch screen. Moreover, the lighting effects of different modes of floodlighting can be viewed on the display screen, such as general lighting effects, festival and major festival floodlighting effects, etc., which can greatly save operating costs.
  • The system has good openness.

At present, the operating parameters of the floodlighting equipment in the Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center are good, and it has been operating safely for more than ten years. Its lighting effect has been recognized by all walks of life in Suzhou, and it has shown its gorgeous.

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