How to light up a football stadium professionally

light up football stadium

Football stadium lighting is a lot more than just hanging up a few lights. In fact, the Association of German Lighting Designers (BDL) has developed a set of standards for stadium lighting for professional sports pitches that are quite strict and demanding. It is so important in some cases that players have even gone on record saying that they prefer playing at night in order to take advantage of the lighting systems. But what makes the best football field lighting, and how to light up a football stadium professionally?

YIBAI LED Lighting’s latest LED lighting technology makes it possible for you to install a low-cost system that will not only save you money but provide you with all types of benefits when you are looking to buy new fixtures or bulbs for your existing football stadiums.

Here’s a rundown on all the most important things you need to know about stadium lighting, generally speaking, football stadium lighting is not as easy as it may sound. It is divided into three categories according to the EN12193 international standards is ideal.

1. Class III

As per standards of EN12193, the LED lighting guidelines include 75 lux horizontal lights for recreational and training purposes in the field. When it comes to recreational football fields and high school football grounds, the range is usually from 75 lux to 200 lux.

2. Class II

Class II requires more power than normal class III lighting, with a minimum of 500 lux depending on the location of the stadium, the size of the arena, and also the quality of the light used. The European landscape has 450 lux as a minimum requirement for a football ground. The lights are usually 100 lux minimum horizontal illuminance and higher than 200 lux for live broadcast events or professional training sessions in a football stadium or arena. They should also be higher than 500 lux for national standard competitions on television or international competition on television in an arena or football stadium.

3. Class I

Class I is used for international and professional level matches that are played at night, which requires at least 1500 lux for the arena and no less than 2000 lux for international standard matches.

When it comes to football stadium lighting, there is a lot of confusion about how to light up the stadium in the best manner. The key is to focus on uniformity of light and anti-glare. YIBAI LED lighting offers standard lighting for all purposes in field lighting to help you in achieving your lighting goals.

Four Corners

Our lighting poles are easy to set up at four corners around a stadium so that light beams travel from the corner to the center of the ground. The height of our poles can easily be adjusted so that they’re high enough to avoid anti-glare while still creating uniformity in light throughout the stadium. For Class I stadiums, the height must be at least 30 meters from the ground, and our poles make it easy to hit this standard while still ensuring precise lighting no matter what event is taking place in your stadium.


Four poles in the center

The four lighting poles are arranged at the very center of the two sides; this enables the light distributions to cover the whole football pitch evenly. This is important to consider, so this needs to be set as high as possible as well.


Six to eight poles distribution

If you’re looking for more lighting poles, then it’s important to consider their height. If you want uniformity, then you need to set them up high enough so that all parts of the field are illuminated. If you’re just looking for something for training grounds in high schools and community grounds, then normal heights should be fine.


Highlights for YIBAI LED Lighting Football stadium lights

High light efficiency

Under the same conditions, the higher the light efficiency, the more energy-saving the luminaire is. Football stadium lights from YIBAI LED LIGHTING use top quality LED chips, the luminaire light efficiency can reach up to 170lm/W to acquire energy-saving at most and remarkable rebate from electricity.

Photometric design

Different stadiums always have different needs for lighting, to hit the lighting requirements, we’ll need the lights for the football field with a variety of power options, and also multiple beam angles. YIBAI LED LIGHTING football stadium lights have removable/replaceable polycarbonate optics with high light transmittance of over 92% help to concentrate light to acquire symmetric/asymmetric narrow, medium, and wide beam angles. Free from streaks and striations, a variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical optics with rectangular and circular patterns maximum the use of light. Built-in glare control maintains high-quality light without compromising visual comfort.

Flicker-free & high visual comfortable

As known to all, the color rendering index of the lighting and flicker are two of the most important quality aspects that affect TV broadcasting. LED lights for football fields from YIBAI LED LIGHTING to employ high-quality big international brand Meanwell Philips and Inventronics drivers which do not produce any visible stroboscopic effects thus clear viewing is possible without a flicker in a high-definition broadcasting environment.

Besides, they can also be tuned to come closest to natural sunlight (Ra>90) without adding any glare or distorting ultraviolet or infrared lighting spectra; all lead to the best possible color appearance and contrast to following even the fastest action on sports playing field.

Precision aiming with a laser

The precision aiming device will assist in precisely aligning the light to a target area with a green laser ray of a maximum 300m distance projecting ability.

Long lifespan

Modular design aluminum housing formed with cutting-edge die-casting technology to help secure the LED lifespan and improve the luminaire stability. The anti-corrosion powder coated treatment guarantees sustainable and durable features ensuring a long-term lifespan that can reach 100,000 hours against rigorous conditions.


The sophisticated design on thermal management combined with the utilization of cutting edge technology allows the luminaire to feature compact size and lightweight in favor of labor cost reduction without compromising on heat dissipation ability.

In accordance with the dark-sky association

Football lights produced by YIBAI LED LIGHTING are all in accordance with the dark-sky association. An extra visor is specially designed to trim the excess upward light for excellent control of spill light and limitation of glare.


YIBAI LED LIGHTING provides 5 years warranty for all led football stadium lights.


Football is a game where lighting is crucial. It’s clear that brighter, more intense lights can help play better. It helps to see the ball and to react faster. The players of the opposing team are also more visible, which allows them to take on a different role in the game.

It’s important that you choose the right lighting for the football field. This is necessary because there are three classes: professional, semi-professional, and amateur. The first class has the highest requirements in terms of lighting intensity and quality of light.

The second class has lower requirements than the first class, but higher than the third class. The third class has lower requirements than the second class, but higher than no requirements at all.

The choice of lighting depends on how it will be used on the football field. For example, if it is for a school match, then you can choose any kind of light as long as it meets their requirements for illumination and brightness and has an appropriate lux (light intensity)

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