YIBAI releases industrial LED fixture with intelligent controls

YIBAI releases industrial LED fixture with intelligent controls

When the dimmable driver is combined with a ZigBee controller, industrial LED lighting can be programmed as a group of fixtures through the intelligent controls, turned on & off, and dimmed by PC, tablet, and smartphone.

YIBAI LED Lighting has released an intelligently controlled industrial LED light fixture. It is the right time for intelligent industrial lighting.

When using the ZigBee smart intelligent controls to control the industrial LED high bay, you only need to connect the AC cable, then you can dim and turn it on and off, unlike the conventional dimmable high bay, which needs to connect to a 1 to 10V dimmable cable. So if you are working on a new building project, that could allow you to rewire. If it’s a retrofit project, wiring another cable is not reliable at all.

Every ZigBee wireless control industrial LED high bay has a control address in the network; we can separate them into groups. For example, if there are 200 units of high bays in a factory environment, we could set the first 10 as group one, another 10 as group two – by software and without any rewiring. We could dim group one to 80% and group two to 50%. Or even turn off any single fixture that you don’t want to light up at all.

ZigBee control actually is very similar to DALI. The difference is that DALI control needs to be wired in. ZigBee is wireless. It is able to be controlled by software on various devices. You can set a timer schedule for various light levels – 100% in the early morning, 50% at noon, 80% in the afternoon, etc.

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YIBAI releases industrial LED fixture with intelligent controls
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