LED high mast lighting system 170lm/W improves safety for Venezuela airport

LED high mast lighting system 170lm/W improves safety for Venezuela airport

See how the new high mast lighting system at Venezuela Airport improves the safety of the crew at night and cuts the cost.

Project challenges

The airport needed a new LED high mast lighting system to be installed from scratch within the aircraft apron area. The lighting had to supply adequate light output, suit the regulations of the traffic and Airport Management, be ready to withstand rough weather, and not be a nuisance for either cabin crew or ground staff.

Right Lighting Solution

NOVA-UM Series LED floodlighting system – the newest in high-efficiency LED technology – provides an entire lighting solution for the only through to the foremost complex area.

The installation delivered to the airport consists of 10 LED luminaires mounted on 6 high masts, 1920W per high mast luminaire. The previous conventional installation at the airport used 40 kW per high mast, so a big energy saving of USD 12,944.84 per year is achieved VS the old installation. In addition, the long-life LEDs and therefore the fact that the driving force box is positioned on the bottom rather than inside the high mast will translate into maintenance savings of USD13,374.00 per year. This is often driven by the very fact that the old installation had a lamp replacement cycle of 3 years. The total savings from energy consumption and maintenance lead to an investment payback of less than one 1year.

Benefits of high light efficacy Nova high mast light

In addition to ensuring energy and maintenance savings, the NOVA LED system provides far better color reproduction, which makes it easier for different objects to be distinguished from another one. This is not the case with the normal yellow light produced using high-pressure sodium.

“Both our flight crew and ground personnel are extremely satisfied with the solution”, says the airport management. This solution makes sure we don’t lose our night-sight, due to the LED fixtures design and the way these distribute the sunshine. It gives our personnel better visibility and offers more safety. ”

By working closely with our clients and providing one-stop solutions, we YIBAI LED LIGHTING was ready to deliver a gorgeous, well-lit working environment for the new airport. For any questions or needs on LED high mast lighting fixtures, please feel free to contact us, YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high-quality LED lights with a professional engineer team will revert to you within 24 hours!


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