High efficient,safe,attractive lighting on the streets of Guangzhou City

Yibai LED Street Lighting Project in Guangzhou (1)

By creating more attractive and livable spaces, the municipality of Guangzhou city wanted to extend the comfort and well-being of its existing residents, and encourage the younger generations to move into the city. The conversion to LED lighting enabled the municipality to deliver much more comfortable lighting that’s easy on the eyes of the citizens and to realize significant energy-bill savings and sustainability benefits.

The new lighting system has turned this area into a more welcoming space. Lighting in the residential areas is now more gentle on the eye and is not a nuisance during the evenings.

The need for project and consistency

Before the retrofit project started in 2017, there used to be no overall, uniform lighting infrastructure. Many districts were using different streetlights from different providers – even supported different technologies. This resulted during a lighting infrastructure that was outdated, haphazard, inefficient, and difficult for maintenance. The primary objectives of the lighting renovation project were to create a more livable space for existing and future inhabitants through comfortable light experiences, significantly reduce energy consumption, and improve sustainability. The municipality wanted to realize these through the planning and implementation of a retrofit, simpler, and more standardized lighting concept. In order to keep the initial investment costs low, an additional requirement was to retain the existing pole spacing.

From assessment to specification

To reach its goals, the municipality consulted with lighting expert YIBAI LED LIGHTING, then we classified several zones within the municipality based upon their functions, like major highways, residential roads, pedestrian areas, and cycle paths, and assessed the lighting needs of every zone. With the info collected during the assessment, we prepared an economically attractive renovation concept. It incorporated products from YIBAI LED Lighting, as those were perfect to meet all of the project requirements. To collect sufficient funding for the project, it had earlier been identified that the new lighting solution needed to deliver savings of a minimum of 70% compared to the previous installations. Because the calculations confirmed that savings would be above that level, funding was obtained from a variety of sources, and therefore the project was signed off for implementation.

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Guangzhou-2)
YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Guangzhou-2)

The city governor obviously wanted their new lighting system to last for a longer time. This was ensured by selecting an LED-based system. A main advantage of LEDs is their long service life of around 25 years in streetlight lighting applications. To further reduce the burden of maintenance on the municipality, the high efficient 170lm/W Melo series LED street light was selected finally.

Increased comfort for residents

The clean, top-quality light produced by the Melo series luminaires provides high visibility on all streets, increasing the sense of safety for road users, cyclists, and pedestrians. Meanwhile, Melo featured with Yibai’s unique optical design delivers light that is subtle and free from dazzle, with hardly any impact on the efficiency of the installation. This improves the attractiveness of residential areas. As proof, residents along minor roads have remarked that they feel more comfortable when having an evening walk because the footpaths are very clearly illuminated. They also appreciate that light from streetlights can’t come through their windows anymore in the dark, resulting in an easier living environment.

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Guangzhou-3)
YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Guangzhou-3)


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