Find out how LED roadway lighting & street lighting is making busy highway safer for drivers.

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects

Project Challenges

Every public authority wants its roads to travel to the space – the problem is lighting them safely without draining city finances. The united kingdom highways agency, with contractors, engaged with YIBAI LED LIGHTING to seek out out how they might light this busy highway safely while cutting costs.

It is a busy highway that transports motorists across the West Midlands. Improving the lighting on this stretch of road would mean safer, easier journeys for thousands of drivers daily. However, with energy efficiency now a growing concern for UK councils, it had been important to seek out an answer that might reduce power consumption while maintaining lighting standards. Now the road lighting use YIBAI’s Melo series LED luminaire; a super highly energy-efficient solution that mixes bright LED light with reduced energy consumption to supply motorists with a safer driving environment. Increasingly, public authorities across the united kingdom are seeking lighting solutions that not only meet targets for reducing energy consumption but also suit lighting norms and standards while ensuring that safety isn’t compromised. YIBAI LED LIGHTING is revolutionizing functional outdoor lighting for major roads within the city, and with Melo, the UK highway now has a particularly energy-efficient solution.

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects

The Right Upgrade LED Roadway Lighting Solution

Yibai introduced the Melo series LED street light, incorporating super high light efficiency delivering white light of consistently top quality, brightness, and intensity, whilst cutting energy costs by up to 70%. Our partner the contractor of this project has commented that with Melo overall savings on energy consumption are going to be £6981 and CO₂ reduction are going to be 47.4 tonnes per annum compared to existing schemes. A further advantage of the Melo application is the long lifetime of LED lighting, which can help minimize maintenance needs. This may both lower operational costs and improve traffic getting to avoid disruption to road users. Melo features a long lifetime of 60.000 hours, thereby eliminating the upkeep and replacement required by traditional lighting. The contractor has estimated that maintenance visits will now be reduced from three to 6 visits per annum saving approximately £6000 in maintenance costs over the six-year period.

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects

Melo also can transform the night scene with high-quality white light, helping to stop accidents and make highway management even safer.

White LED light makes roads safer for drivers and visibility is critical to think about road safety and tests show that this is often improved with white light. Not only can drivers detect roadside movement more quickly, they even have longer to prevent should something be close to cross their path. As such, the Melo luminaire can address several elemental concerns about safety on major highways while also providing a sustainable solution and improving the security standards for motorists.

Yibai’s expertise and unrivaled knowledge have enabled them to supply lighting solutions to the UK highway that are practical, but also energy-efficient and sustainable. Solutions that make cities and roads just like the UK highway safer while still respecting the plane. For any questions or needs on LED roadway lighting & street lighting, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high-quality LED lights with a professional engineer team will revert to you within 24 hours.

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