How to choose right LED shoebox lights for your parking lot

YIBAI's LED parking lot light is available in 20W-1920W models

Handing the work over to electrical contractors like YIBAI LED Lighting comes with an assurance of a satisfactory customer experience due to the experience this company has within the area of putting in and managing LED shoebox lighting fixtures. However, it’s good to understand the essential considerations you ought to have when choosing the simplest LED shoebox fixtures which will meet your needs.

This simple guide will assist you to make better choices when getting to install LED shoebox fixtures to illuminate your outdoor space.

Are the units environmentally friendly?

Your choice of LED shoebox lighting fixtures should be safe for the environment. The indices that confirm environmental safety should be highlighted on the packaging. But expert technicians from YIBAI LED Lighting can easily determine if the ratings indicated conform to the suitable industry standards.

Are there old lighting fixtures within the space?

If it’s an old property, there’ll undoubtedly be old lighting fixtures that will get to get replaced with LED shoebox lighting fixtures. This is often employed by the technicians at YIBAI LED Lighting, so don’t be bothered by this discovery. Well-trained technicians will do the work in accordance with the regulations of your local regulatory authorities to avoid legal issues.

What quite mounting style is going to be perfect for the location?

You need a mounting positioning that will enhance the illumination to decorate up the target space. Some mounting options include: mounting the fixtures on poles, straight arm mounts, or trunnion mounts. The selection essentially depends on the space to be illuminated.

Choosing the Wattage

This is quite a technical aspect that ought to be determined by the technicians at YIBAI LED Lighting. For brand spanking new projects, the wattage will depend upon the expected power consumption. However, the presence of old shoebox fittings would require more technical assessments before upgrading the wattage to accommodate the LED shoebox fixtures.

Choosing your preferred light color

LED lights produce a color rating that is nearly almost like the natural light from the sun. The LED fixtures beam out 5000k light color. For the simplest results regarding the illumination of your outdoor areas, you would like LED shoebox fixtures that will produce a lightweight intensity of 5000k. At this intensity, your garages, factories, or storefronts are going to be properly illuminated.

Finding a reasonable Unit

When purchasing LED shoebox fixtures, specific considerations like the quality of the fixtures, the supply of warranty, the wattage, and lightweight intensity need to be inspected while watching the offered options. You’ll trust the professional guidance of the team at YIBAI LED Lighting to steer you via this process in order that you create the simplest decision regarding the pricing and quality of LED shoebox fixtures.

Installing Your LED Units

The installation process is simple if it’s a replacement project, but modifications will get to be done if older shoebox fixtures exist in the situation. This is, however, employment for the technical team at YIBAI LED Lighting. It pays to use expert help for these projects, you get to save lots of more due to the expert guidance, and you get value for your investment because the fixtures will work perfectly for an extended time.

By working closely with our clients and providing one-stop solutions, YIBAI LED LIGHTING was ready to deliver a gorgeous, well-lit working environment for the parking lot. For any questions or needs on LED parking lot lighting fixtures, please feel free to contact us, YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high-quality LED lights with a professional engineer team will revert to you within 24 hours!


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How to choose right LED shoebox lights for your parking lot
How to choose right LED shoebox lights for your parking lot
How to choose right LED shoebox lights for your parking lot
How to choose right LED shoebox lights for your parking lot
How to choose a right LED shoebox light for your parking lot

How to choose right LED shoebox lights for your parking lot

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