Yibai LED Smart City lighting management system Dongguan city

LED Smart City lighting management system

Project Challenge

Dongguan City, the “World Factory”, one of the most important cities in Guangdong China, is consistently striving to become more sustainable and more welcoming. The constantly growing population, however, means increasing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, leading to increased energy costs and quite severe light pollution levels. The municipality required a high-quality LED smart city lighting management system that might offer impeccable service so as to offer its citizens a much better place to live in.

To deal with these issues, Dongguan City is implementing innovative solutions that are environmentally sustainable and cost-effective, which can meet the future demands of city life. Public lighting especially plays a key role in allowing cities to flourish. With the proper lighting, a city isn’t only beautified but is given character – an identity that’s relatable to its citizens and visitors alike.

The Songshanhu District required a professional LED Smart City lighting management system solution that might not only provide high-quality LED lighting and energy savings, but also one that might create a welcoming environment for the residents & visitors.

The right Smart City Lighting

To reach these sustainability goals, the Dongguan City government built an upgrade public lighting system to significantly decrease energy consumption and make sure the well-being and safety of citizens. To achieve the complete potential of sustainable public lighting, the governor of Songshanhu District entered into a public-private partnership with YIBAI LED Lighting. Now, this high-tech industry district in Dongguan benefits from an intelligent, future-proof public lighting solution, combining super high energy-efficient LED luminaires with sophisticated lighting management from the YIBAI Smart City Lighting Platform.

With the professional Yibai LED Smart City lighting management system, the town of Dongguan Songshanhu may be a safer, more sustainable, and energy-efficient place

YIBAI provides future-proof services by supporting adaptive applications and has partnered with SAP to supply cities with a 360-degree view of data using the SAP platform. Cities can achieve to implement new applications while working with their existing infrastructures, giving them the chance to seamlessly implement new applications. With sophisticated lighting management from YIBAI integrated with the smart city lighting management platform, street lighting managers can much more efficiently control, plan, and manage lighting across the town. The YIBAI smart city lighting platform enables monitoring, switching, and dimming of every single light point or light group within the network, optimizing energy consumption while creating safe conditions for both vehicles and pedestrians.

The entire installation of over 300,000 units of LED luminaires greatly upgrade 75% of the lighting in Songshanhu District, save 50% in operational costs, and significantly reduce annual CO2 emissions.


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