NOVA SM high bays are installed at Swiss football pitch as LED sports field lighting

NOVA SM high bays are installed at Swiss football pitch as LED sports lighting

YIBAI LED LIGHTING’s Swiss customer has purchased 57pcs NOVA UM series LED high bay lights for an LED sports field lighting project at an indoor tennis court and football pitch. The customer purchased 41pcs luminaires with 200W, beam angle 50-degree, 4000K and 16pcs lights with 120W, beam angle 50-degree, 4000K to meet the following LED sports lighting needs:

1. The installation height was 12m – so the lighting designer advised him to take the 50-degree LED high bays for this installation height.

2. The corners of the tennis court did not have to be as bright as the center playing surface area, so 120W LED high bays were used in the corners of the facility to save more energy.

3. In the sports area, it is essential to have soft light so that people won’t be bothered by glare when they are having fun and playing on the pitch; that is why the 4000K CCT was suggested, for better lighting visual comfort.

After the replacement with professional LED sports lighting fixtures, the customer has been very satisfied with the product performance.

Will it be a challenge for you to choose a reliable LED high bay light and a supplier? You could consider us YIBAI LED LIGHTING, one of the best LED lighting products manufacturers in China. We specialize in designing high quality lighting to offer you good products with reliable quality and a total 5 year warranty.

We are very proud to introduce the unique designed NOVA-UM series LED sports field light. NOVA-UM is an innovation in LED sports field lighting fixtures. With excellent thermal management, equipped with high end components such as Nichia chips and Mean Well driver, the NOVA-UM series LED sports field light lifespan is over 100,000hrs.

NOVA-UM power range covers from 20W to 1920W. It offers light output ratings from 2,000lm to 307,200lm to match almost any application. The standard beam angle is 120 degrees, with 60 degrees optional. Other options include presence control, DALI, and 1-10V dimming. Presence control can increase energy savings to as high as 90%. It ensures NOVA-UM LED luminaires are only “on” when someone is present and then only to increase the light to a preset desired level.

Correct product selection is vital for the best lighting and financial outcomes. Go to YIBAI LED professional team and request a simulation report for your installation. A detailed lighting solution report will be sent to you in 24 hours. Technical data and IES photometric files are also available on request.

Take a look at our luminaires that can be used to illuminate the sports field:

NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight
NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight
NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight
NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight
NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight

With multiple of optic lens design, the Nova-UM series flood light can hit lighting requirements of sports field in many different applications


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