YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Zhongshan-3)

Zhongshan City is realizing energy savings of up to 70% and enjoying brighter streets & LED urban lighting thanks to an urban lighting renewal project with YIBAI Smart City Lighting System.

Customer challenge

The city government had two major objectives: to enhance energy efficiency and to make well-lit spaces so the citizens felt safer in the dark. To realize this, they needed to renew an urban lighting network comprising over 8,500 light points and incorporate new LED luminaires on the YIBAI Smart City Lighting system. By streamlining the new lighting and reducing energy consumption, they might invest cost savings in other areas of their Smart City project. Yibai was a step ahead, going beyond expectations with our smart city lighting system, which would deliver quite high-quality light – it might help the government realize the project objectives.

The Right LED Urban Lighting Solution

In but six weeks, 8,600 conventional sodium, halide, and mercury discharge light points were replaced by Melo series LED street lights, with over 6,500 incorporated within the smart city lighting system. Operating and maintaining the renewed connected lighting system is very easy. Automatic commissioning enabled newly connected luminaires to relay performance data like energy consumption and lighting levels almost instantly after setup. The city government achieved its predicted 70% cost-saving, and therefore the high-quality light has made people feel safer after dark. The sense of safety and improved color after dark has improved day-to-day living for residents. With the smart city lighting system connect app, luminaires can be remotely managed either individually or in groups, on a pre-scheduled basis, or in real-time. Because of the new streamlined maintenance, lighting operators are now one step ahead. They automatically receive notifications if there’s a drag or failure, and may immediately adjust the lighting to satisfy people’s needs.

Melo Series LED street light

Melo Series LED street light

With multiple of optic lens design, the Melo series LED street light can hit requirements for many different applications


A night-shift fish market worker in the city says the new lighting has had a serious impact on the town:

“There’s been a clear change within the lighting quality. For people like me, who work at night, I feel the change is often seen more clearly. There’s more light within the street and therefore the colors look better – there’s a greater sense of safety once you rehearse the town in the dark.”

That may be a great example of what is often achieved with the YIBAI Smart City Lighting System: “The system has placed Zhongshan City firmly on the Smart Cities map, because of the connected LED luminaires and remote, individual light point management. And since the system is scalable, we predict we will cash in of even more possibilities in future.” with its aim of becoming a sensible City: “By streamlining the lighting and reducing energy consumption, the value savings might be invested in further areas of the Smart City project,” continues the mayor.

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Zhongshan-2)
YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Zhongshan-1)
solar & wind hybrid LED street light systems were installed by YIBAI LED LIGHTING
YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Mexico)
YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Zhongshan-3)
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YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects