Lighting system for residential areas how to properly design

Lighting system for residential areas how to properly design

Not sure how to properly design a lighting system for residential areas? What lamps are needed for this? What nuances need to be considered? Read all this in our new article.

Many of us had to go home at night. At such moments, everyone understands how important an element of well-being is good lighting both inside and around the house. However, not everyone is lucky to live in a high-rise building that would have perfect lighting of the surrounding areas, often-densely, it is not at all. This problem is one of the most pressing issues in the life of both large and small cities.

The house territory is a land plot adjacent to an apartment building, as well as objects intended for the operation of the house. And good lighting of its territories at night is a guarantee of the safety of every resident of the house and its property.

The lighting objects of the local area include entrances, sidewalks, Parking lots, driveways, playgrounds, walking paths, and utility areas.

If new houses were luckier with lighting, then the old plan houses were much less so. Lighting elements for the surrounding areas of most residential areas of cities are outdated, and in some places, they are missing. This contributes to the trauma of people moving at night and the flourishing of crime.

The ideal solution to this problem is to install modern led lighting. It is an ideal alternative to old street lamps because it saves three times the electricity. LED lamps are durable, do not require additional maintenance, and work in all weather conditions.

Here are some rules to follow that will ensure proper lighting of residential areas:

  • At the entrance to an apartment, the entrance must be installed a lamp that emits at least 6 lux of light.
  • Paths and sidewalks for pedestrians must be illuminated at least 4 lux, this also applies to road traffic in the surrounding areas.
  • Territories relating to additional (various outbuildings) must be illuminated by lamps or floodlights of the closed type, emitting at least 2 lux of light flux.
  • The yard lamp can be made on the basis of any system, using both incandescent lamps and LED or energy-saving lamps.

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We have a huge range of street lamps. By choosing us, you make an investment in comfort and well-being!

Pay attention to our lamps which can be used for illumination of house territories:

NOVA-WM Series LED Wall Mount Light

semi-cut-off-wallpack light
Full cut-off Wallpack light
HALO series LED canopy light
NOVA-SF Series LED Area Lighting Luminaire


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Lighting system for residential areas how to properly design
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