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Thanks to the installation of the Smart City Lighting System from the best street lights manufacturer in China, Huizhou City has reduced lighting maintenance costs by 80% and enjoys better light quality, also an increased sense of safety.

Customer Challenge

As a part of Huizhou City’s commitment to urban development, the municipality needed to upgrade its street lighting. Two-thousand HPS lights would wish to be upgraded to LED smart street posts as a part of this ambitious project. Before renewing its street lighting system, the municipality consulted the best smart city lighting manufacturers in China and created three primary objectives: improving road safety, saving energy, and quick management of day-to-day street lighting operations. They needed a public lighting system capable of measuring, managing, and monitoring all connected smart street posts from a map-based view on the brink of real-time. The system needed to run securely and remotely on a typical browser via their existing network.

Find the right lighting

The renewal street lamp installation, during which inefficient high-pressure mercury-vapor luminaires were replaced with energy-saving LED luminaires, targeted 2,000 Melo series LED luminaires were installed, and 1,800 Maya luminaires were coordinated and entered into the system. The Melo LED luminaires automatically locate themselves, followed by an automatic commissioning process. The Maya LED luminaires are often activated whenever their data is required. These luminaires are truly plug-and-play solutions.

As soon as a YIBAI Smart City Lighting Ready luminaire connects to the smart lighting control management system back-end it’s ready for operation. Once integrated, public lighting workers can track the luminaires’ performance, and adjust lighting levels almost instantly. He can even generate maintenance and fault reports.

Performing management tasks through a user-friendly interface saves tons of your time and even more in costs. The luminaires rely on real-time performance data, like lighting levels and energy consumption. With the user-friendly YIBAI Smart City Lighting connect app, each luminaire is often managed individually or in groups to perform on the brink of real-time or prescheduled actions.

High Energy Efficiency

The municipality’s energy efficiency has been improved to the tune of an 80% reduction in costs and a powerful 20% savings on investment, all while improving their public lighting network’s simple use.

Greatly Improved feeling of safety

The Huizhou city is far better lit than before because of the high-quality LED luminaires and their ability to notify the YIABI Smart City Lighting system of any failures or outages. Now, people feel safer on the roads and streets after dark.

High Operational efficiency

Today, the municipality can measure, manage and monitor all connected street lights securely and remotely through a user-friendly interface. YIBAI LED Smart City Lighting system has greatly simplified the operation of Huizhou’s public lighting management. This intelligent control system from Yibai, one of the best smart city lighting manufacturers in China, is an open system. The third-party software could be integrated seamlessly in the future. This provides Huizhou City enormous potential for further improvements to its urban infrastructure, and therefore the ability to simply proportion or scale down its street lighting system as and when required.

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Huizhou-1)

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