Discover how the Zhuhai city has improved livability and reduced maintenance costs, energy consumption, and C02 production.

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Zhuhai-3)

Project requirements

The Zhuhai City’s network of obsolete street lights was expensive and inefficient to work and provided poor color rendering while releasing excess C02. However, although the network was clearly a drain on city finances, the town municipality lacked the budget to renovate 10,000 street lights. Seeking a reasonable solution, the governor of Zhuhai city sought to renew their lights through an Energy Service Company (ESCO). With the ESCO fronting the initial funds for the upgrade, the municipality would be ready to pay back the investment using the savings that the new lights would afford them.

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Zhuhai-2)

The right lighting solution

For the initial phase of renewal, 9139 pcs luminaires were installed. Choosing energy-efficient solutions, the Melos series LED street lights with power range covers from 30W to 240W, and high light efficiency 150lm/W were used along most roads and avenues of the town. And Apollo series LED street lights were installed in residential areas, Villa series LED post-top lights were added within the old quarter of the city. The luminaires were connected to the Interact Yibai Smart City Lighting management software, which enables the remote of both individual and grouped light points.

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Zhuhai-1)

The difference is visible both day and night. Because of the new lighting and management system, the city is taking advantage of lower energy consumption, which brings economic and environmental benefits. Furthermore, the new luminaires provide top-quality light with excellent color rendering, enhancing the feeling of safety and luxury. As a result, livability in Zhuhai City has been significantly improved for visitors and citizens alike.

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