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In the course of sports stadium competition and training, various spheres move and fly in multiple directions, varying angles in the air, and athletes change positions at different speeds at any time. This has certain requirements for sports stadium lighting fixtures quality and lighting effects, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) High requirements for lighting uniformity;
(2) The lighting fixtures should be free of glare hazards;
(3) The lighting source should have high color rendering performance;
(4) Lighting fixtures should be free of stroboscopic effect hazards;
(5) While meeting the above requirements, the energy-saving effect is good;
(6) The light sources and lamps of the sports function area need to adopt different methods according to the architectural characteristics of different venues.

sports stadium lighting

For a fairly large stadium, especially a broadcast-level venue, the lighting of the venue must generally meet the requirements of athletes, spectators, and cameras. For this reason, the horizontal illuminance, the vertical illuminance, and the brightness of the camera shooting panoramic images must be kept consistent. It is necessary to maintain the illuminance gradient required for rebroadcasting, but also to meet the requirements of illuminance uniformity to ensure that the TV camera can capture high-quality TV pictures.

Most track and field competitions are held within a height of about 3m from the ground. The lighting of such sports facilities mainly meets the requirements of uniform light distribution on the ground.

The faster the athlete’s movements and the smaller the sports equipment, the stricter the requirements for vertical illuminance, illuminance uniformity, and illuminance gradient.

The use of high-power LED luminaires can reduce the number of floodlights, but in most cases, from the point of view of uniformity requirements, it is impossible to illuminate the light uniformly enough, and it is certainly impossible to meet the uniformity requirements when using narrow beams. For this reason, it is best to use a variety of light distributions together and use lamps with appropriate power.


Compared with other LED lamps, YIBAI LED stadium lamps can ensure a life span of more than 50,000 hours. YIBAI LED sports lighting fixtures use the best heat dissipation materials that are evenly dispersed, compact structure, waterproof, the surface is not easy to rust, material thermal resistance is low, and heat conduction is fast, so as to solve the common problems of general LED stadium lighting.

The selection of stadium lighting sources should be comprehensively considered in terms of light efficiency, life span, color temperature, color rendering, etc. The lamps used in stadium lighting are mainly cast lights. Pay attention to the following technical parameters of floodlights: total luminous flux, luminaire efficiency, effective luminous flux, effective efficiency of the luminaire, peak light intensity, overflow light, shading angle of the luminaires, etc.

volleyball-court-lighting sports stadium lighting

Floodlights can be divided into three types according to their optical performance.

First of all, circular floodlights, used for long-distance projection, must use high-intensity beams. Combining a parabolic arc reflector with a small-volume and high-brightness light source, it is easy to get a high-intensity beam. The beam formed by this method is cone-shaped, and the spot projected on the field is elliptical.

SLA Series LED Sports Field light
SLA Series LED Sports Field light
LA Series LED Sports Field light
SLA Series LED Sports Field light

Secondly, the rectangular projection lamp is used for short-distance projection. It is best to use horizontal wide beam lamps when projecting the field at a short distance. A trough-shaped reflector with a parabolic arc profile can be used with a linear light source. The beam is fan-shaped.

NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight
NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight
NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight
NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight
NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight

Third, the snail-shaped floodlight is used for mid-distance light projection. A circular or slot-shaped reflector can be used to diffuse the light beam to obtain coverage for medium-distance projection. It is more economical to use a wide beam lamp when the distance from the spotlight to the illuminated surface is short. The farther the distance is, the narrower the beam is used, and the higher the degree of utilization.

LED stadium lights are the leader in energy-saving lamps. Compared with traditional light sources, LED energy-saving is more than 50%. With its unique characteristics such as low power consumption, flexible control, and instantaneous lighting.

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