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YIBAI LED LIGHTING supplies CE listed full-cutoff LED wall pack light in multiple lighting distributions and wattages

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semi-cut-off-wallpack light

Semi Cut-off LED Wallpack Light

YIBAI WPL-3 Series LED wall packs are designed and engineered with high performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This light combines traditional wall pack design with super-bright LED technology to provide an excellent solution to inefficient, high-maintenance HPS and MH technologies. This versatile luminaire provides enhanced security and safety for building exteriors, parking garages, commercial parking lots, walkways, and other outdoor locations where long life, low maintenance, and consistent color rendering are required.
Full cut-off Wallpack light

Full Cut Off LED Wall Pack Light

The YB-WPL-2 Series LED wall packs to project a forward throw beam that delivers superior uniformity and reduced on-site glare. The high PF, low THD driver is mounted to the die-cast housing proving high-performance current regulation with 0-10V standard dimming capability. The integral motion sensor and photoelectric control allow for automated on/off and dimming operation. The luminaire is fully sealed and gasketed against moisture and environmental contaminants (IP65).
NOVA-WM Series LED Wall Mount Light

NOVA-WM Module LED Wallpack Light

The NOVA-WM series led wallpack light is a surper high light efficiency design, with 150lm/W efficacy this wall mounted light is widely used in car dealerships, parking lots, streets, walkways, campuses, and general sitelighting applications.