Waterproof car wash lighting fixtures how we choose the best

Waterproof car wash lighting fixtures how to choose the best

In today’s world, no one doubts that lighting plays a very important role in our lives. It is impossible to work without light, not only in the dark but often during the day. One of the areas that need good lighting at all times is the car wash. So how we choose the best waterproof car wash lighting fixtures?

It is worth knowing that lighting a car wash workshop is not easy, it requires adherence to certain principles, goals, and objectives, the main issue is creating the perfect light in high humidity conditions.

Given that car washes have 100% humidity at all times and a constant flow of water, it’s only logical that the light fixtures for this room should be chosen carefully, as neglecting something could cause the light fixtures to quickly break down, or worse – cause harm to people.

Basic requirements for waterproof carwash lighting fixtures & lamps:

  • The resistance of the lamp material to possible corrosion;
  • safe to use;
  • Moisture-proof grade IP65 or IP67;
  • Long lasting;
  • Economical use of electricity (constantly lit when washing the car, this is a very important aspect of the choice. The most efficient LED lights in terms of energy consumption should be used here).

Here, no one else can help, as it is the most advanced means of light transmission – waterproof LED light.

Moisture-proof lamps refer to LED lamps whose light source is LED modules or LED lamps, with moisture-proof and dust-proof enclosures and the protection level is IP65 or IP67, which is suitable for environments with high concentrations of steam or dust.

The luminaires are installed individually or assembled into indoor and outdoor light lines. The light source is T8 LED tube, linear LED module, or T8 fluorescent lamp. The shell is made of polycarbonate or glass fiber reinforced polyester. The diffuser is made of high-quality optical plastics: polycarbonate or PMMA. Such lights can be fixed to walls and ceilings – it all depends on the planned car wash lighting project.

Today, more and more car wash owners are investing in new lighting. Moisture-resistant LED luminaires are rapidly replacing luminaires with integrated lights due to their simpler installation and installation. In addition, the built-in starter current driver has reliable moisture protection and typically has a high voltage drop resistance. LED devices are more economical.

YIBAI LED LIGHTING experts will quickly develop a suitable project for you, taking into account all requirements about waterproof car wash lighting fixtures, to install a waterproof luminaire in a car wash workshop and will help to realize it.

Consider the following products, including:

Diamond Series LED high bay light NSF certificate

SF02 Livestock Breeding light
HALO series LED canopy light
NOVA-UM Series LED Floodlight


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