LED Industrial lighting what kind of lamps and lanterns are good

The invention of the lamp is a milestone of the century. Brightness makes our lives better. There is a wide range of lighting fixtures, which can be roughly divided into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Among them, there is a type of industrial lighting in outdoor lighting that is indispensable in our life and production. What is LED industrial lighting? Industrial lighting can be divided into factory lighting, outdoor lighting, station lighting, security lighting, obstacle lighting, roadway lighting, etc. Which lamps are used for industrial lighting?

LED Industrial lighting source selection

Suitable place for induction lamp

Places where lamps must be frequently switched on and off instantaneously; places where there is driving operation and need to avoid glare; places where light is used for a long time and consumes a lot of electricity, and places where energy saving, power saving, and money-saving are required; places where strict color identification is required (such as Spectral analysis room, chemical laboratory, etc.).

Suitable place for incandescent lamp

Places with strict requirements for preventing electromagnetic interference; places with frequent lights on and off; places with low illuminance requirements and short lighting time; places with local lighting and temporary use of lighting; high color rendering should be used in places where strict color identification is required. Base color fluorescent lamp.

Suitable places for high-power rocket launchers and energy-saving lamps

Places where lamps should be frequently switched on and off instantaneously; the height of the factory building is below 10 meters, preferably 4-8 meters; places with large electricity consumption, which require energy saving, power saving, and money-saving; lamps have a long service life, generally 3 -5 years; need more realistic places (such as precision machinery, spectrum analysis room, chemical laboratory, etc.).

Suitable places for ceramic metal halide lamps

The height of the factory building is above 10 meters; the places with high requirements for light; the places with large electricity consumption, which need to save energy, electricity, and money; the places that need more lifelike (such as precision machinery, spectral analysis room, chemical laboratory, etc.).

Plant lighting

Importance: The quality of factory lighting directly affects the spirit of the enterprise, production quality, work efficiency, and work enthusiasm.

Application places: the interior lighting of the factory building and the interior lighting of auxiliary rooms such as offices.

Lighting lamps: In terms of light source types, factory lighting includes traditional metal halide lamps, sodium lamps, and energy-saving lamps. New light sources include LEDs, induction lamps, and explosion-proof lamps.

How to choose: It depends on the height of the plant and the working environment to choose. Traditional light sources are cheap, but have a short service life and consume electricity; LED lamps and induction lamps have great advantages in terms of life span, brightness, light decay, and energy-saving effects, and their prices have been falling over the years. Now, most of the newly built factories use LED high bay lights and induction lights. It is best to choose professional industrial lighting fixtures for large factories.

Outdoor task lighting

Requirements: Outdoor lighting fixtures are more stringent than indoor lighting fixtures. Outdoor lighting fixtures must take special factors such as weather and temperature into consideration.

Application places: such as the open-air operation field of the shipbuilding industry, the kettle, tank, and reaction tower of the petrochemical industry, the rotary kiln and the belt corridor of the building material company, the blast furnace body, the ladder, the platform of the metallurgical company, the gas tank of the power station, Outdoor transformer and power distribution equipment of general step-down substation, outdoor water pump station cooling rack and outdoor ventilation and dust removal equipment and another lighting.

Lighting fixtures: road lights, high pole lights, courtyard lights, landscape lights, LED tree lights, lawn lights, wall lights, wall lights, underground lights, spotlights (projection lights), underwater lights, etc.

How to choose: Xenon lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, explosion-proof lamps, etc. are mostly used in open-air workplaces such as oilfields, and the light source of outdoor substations and distribution devices like total step-down substations should be selected according to the requirements of the production process.

Station lighting

Importance: To ensure the safety of night driving, shunting, and cargo handling operations, as well as the personal safety of passengers getting on and off the vehicle and road workers.

Application places: lighting installed in stations, railway marshaling yards, parking lots, open-air storage yards, etc.

Lighting lamps: Light sources used in station lighting include high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps, LED street lamps, and other light sources.

How to choose: Electrodeless lamps and thin tube fluorescent lamps should be used when the height of the light source is 4m or less. High-pressure sodium lamps without color rendering requirements can be used. In addition to general street lamps, towers, bridges or hybrid types should be set according to the needs. lighting device. The magnitude of the illuminance should be determined according to the nature of the operation.

Guard lighting

Meaning: Security lighting refers to lighting installed for security at night to improve the security of personnel, property, buildings, materials, and equipment.

Application sites: In important plant areas, reservoir areas, and locations along the perimeter of the plant area with security tasks, places that are prone to serious accidents such as explosions, fires, and personal injuries, and places that are prone to industrial accidents or dangerous places during traffic.

Lighting fixtures: There are many types of guard lighting, such as normal lighting and emergency lighting in the workplace. Generally, there are carbon lamps, halogen lamps, searchlights, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, etc.

How to choose: General places use a variety of high-efficiency energy-saving fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, which can be used with strong searchlights and fluorescent spotlights, and meet the illumination, color rendering, and anti-glare requirements of the lighting place.

Obstacle lighting

Meaning: Obstacle lighting refers to the lighting installed on the building as an obstacle sign.

Application site: In the factory area, there are extra-high buildings and structures, such as chimneys, etc., according to obstruction lights; all extra-large buildings that may affect aviation safety; buildings and structures on both sides or in the middle of the channel that affect the safety of ships during navigation.

Lighting fixtures: low- and medium-intensity obstacle signs should be red glass shades, and high-intensity obstacle signs should be white flashing. Currently, LED aviation obstruction lights are generally used for high-power white LEDs composed of multiple LEDs.

How to choose: The installation of obstacle lighting should strictly follow the relevant regulations of the local aviation or transportation department. At the same time, pay attention to the waterproof and dustproof grade, light source, impact resistance, and material of the lamp.

Roadway lighting

Importance: Used to improve the safety of vehicles and pedestrians at night to prevent traffic accidents. Reasonable settings can improve traffic conditions, reduce driving fatigue, improve road capacity, and effectively reduce traffic accidents.

Application site: It is set up for roads and auxiliary facilities, and used for the lighting of factory roads and other roads.

Lighting lamps: luminaires for road lighting include high-pressure sodium lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, induction lamps, metal halide lamps, fluorescent lamps, and new-type Xenon street lamps.

How to choose: As long as it can meet the brightness of the road, and then meet the characteristics of high luminous efficiency and long life, it is enough to replace incandescent bulbs in suburban roads like low-pressure sodium lamps. At the same time, the main lighting is street light in the lighting mode to match the garden. Lights, landscape lights, and street lights form three-dimensional lighting.


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